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About Us

Pera EEMEA works with governments, their agencies, universities and ambitious businesses across the world to inspire growth, create jobs and boost economies.

Our UK parent company recognises the opportunity to adapt our broad corporate knowledge and seven decades of experience to be a valuable strategic partner helping put policy into practice and achieve real impact.

  • We tailor our approach to each situation. We can call on a raft of already proven economy-accelerating programmes and adapt them for any territory, or we’ll design a completely bespoke solution.
  • We work locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, advising on and steering effective and innovative economic initiatives.
  • We help governments and institutions implement national economic policy in the best and most effective way, by sharing knowledge, building capacity, providing technical assistance and more
  • Our global business intelligence keeps us on top of markets, innovation and sector trends. It makes us leaders in identifying opportunities and businesses that can add wings to a country’s GDP.

We’re now adapting this expertise to suit the needs of the EEMEA region and have delivered programmes working with over 1,000 companies and 100 universities in Turkey alone.

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